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Just enter your preferred selection criteria for your new puppy. This tool will give you a result (or results) and a link to the our page (or pages) where you will find more about the breed along with pictures and information about the puppies we currently have available for that breed. Please note that this tool will only return breeds which we have available or are likely to have available soon. It will not return rare breeds, nor will it return breeds we choose to not carry.

We do not sell puppies of breeds which are useful as Guard Dogs or are known to be sometimes aggressive. While we have nothing against Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers, etc. and have known many fine pets of those breeds, we are not confident that our placements of those breeds would be successful and we do not do that. If you are too specific in your selection criteria you may end up with no matches. To avoid the "no match" situation, you may check more than one box for a category, for example both "toy" and "small" for the Size category.

You may also skip a category entirely if it is not of critical importance to you. Not checking any selection is the equivalent of checking all the selections and that particular category will not disqualify any breeds from your results. Please note that if you want, for example, either a "low barker" or a "not a barker," you will have to check both entries. If you only select "low barker" you will be eliminating from consideration all of the "not a barker" breeds.

You might want to start out by checking as many selections within the categories that matter as possible, in order to get as many breed results as might work for you, and then go to the breed pages to learn more about those breeds. For your convinienve we have included a breed key table below which gives our definitions for the various options.